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AGE Group unmatched quality, range, and customization options ensure the optimal solution for a wide range of food processing and beverage applications. Hygiene is paramount in this industry, so you can count on us to meet or beat the regulations relevant to your industry.

Our team of industry experts continually set the bar for best practices in food & Beverages handling industries.


AGE Group has a long-established and well-earned reputation as a reliable & innovative supplier of new belts to OEMs & the replacement markets. A wide product range of quality solid and perforated belts for bakeries are available. Our solid and perforated bake oven belts are characterized by an exceptionally long running life. These oven bake belts are made from either hardened or hardened and tempered carbon steel & supplied in an almost limitless combination of widths and lengths that performs perfectly to deliver baked cookies, biscuits, cakes, bread, etc. The ease of cleaning for maximum hygiene with unmatched life and performance characteristics makes it a great return on investment with the following features:

  • Hard smooth surface with good flatness for easy cleaning 
  • Good static strength and very good fatigue strength. 
  • Very good thermal properties & excellent wear resistance.
  • A low risk of corrosion with good repairability.
Fruits and Vegetables

We take pride in our understanding of the specific needs of different product and process segments within the Fruit & Vegetable industry, and we have a full range of belts and accessories with those needs in mind.As produce enters a plant, it must be cleaned and sorted—fresh-picked fruits and vegetables are highly abrasive due to the impurities they carry. As fresh produce is usually delivered seasonally, in bulk, the combination of abrasion and extreme product loads can take a toll on the in-feed process, often leading to production downtime. Additionally, tracking issues with belts can cause high maintenance costs, as a lack of belt tension results in low process reliability, shorter belt life, and even production loss and product contamination. Over time, frequent repairs and hours of maintenance result in loss of time and money.

AG – Group provides the full range of solutions for conveyor belt applications in the fruit and vegetable processing industry. Our broad portfolio of robust coated fabric and plastic modular belts also includes related accessories and tools.

Our belting solutions provide:

  • Hygienic conveyor belt designs
  • Gentle processing and product handling
  • Waste reduction
  • Cleaning efficiency
  • Full compliance with all applicable food contact regulations
Meat, Poultry, Seafood

Within the food industry, AG Group has been setting the standard for many years with consistently high product quality and market-specific hygiene features. Over the years, our innovations have resulted in a number of unique Food Safety and hygiene concepts.

We introduced modular plastic belts in the market, meat and poultry processors around the world began realizing the many benefits of technology. Today, our team continues to work closely with meat processors to develop products and services that are designed to meet their specific needs. The result is a comprehensive line of conveyance solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs in virtually every application.

Enhance Food Safety

Superior sanitation is a critical component of any successful meat processing operation. Selecting appropriate conveyor belt materials and components can greatly aid in providing more effective sanitation and eliminating contamination risks.

Snacks Industry

The Snacks food Industry is a dynamic and fast paced business. Ag Group is one step ahead. Belts and associated equipment for food processing are required to have food contact approved materials, our conveyor belts are suitable for contact with all kinds of Snacks food products and designed for all purposes of food processing processes. From dough processing to Grading, Washing, Peeling, packaging and transport of all types of snacks items.


Improving reliability of inclines and reducing time spent on sanitation and product changeover


  • Reduced changeover time
  • Increased conveyor reliability
  • Water usage for sanitation decreased
  • Reduced product waste
Beverages & Bottling

One of the largest food processing industries is the beverage industry. It consists of two major categories & eight sub-groups alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Alcoholic drinks comprise distilled spirits, wine, and brewing etc., whereas nonalcoholic drinks consist of soft drink and water bottling and canning; fruit juices bottling, canning, & boxing; the coffee industry and the tea industry

Small cartons and cases (cardboard or shrink-wrapped) Single-le containers (round or rectangular)Totes Etc…


we will work with you to establish the specific requirements of your conveyor belt system taking into account key questions such as:

  • What products are processed on the belt?
  • What process is the belt involved in; heating, cooling, washing?
  • How will the belt be physically arranged?
  • What are your cleaning requirements?
  • What are your production optimization targets?

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