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E-commerce &  logistics

AGEBELT The right belt for E-Commerce & Logistics WE pursue the new economic development in India, the rapid growth of the logistics Industry, the cargo sorting system technology has a very high demand on the color of the belt, tensile strength, flame-resistant and abrasion resistance.

On the basis of our experience, we developed different kinds of profiles which would be able to meet the different requirements for efficient conveying applications. To fulfill specific application requirements, different surface patterns are crucial parts for different processes.Our conveyor belt can design according to different requirements, manufacturing and processing a series of conveyor belts for logistics, such as Solid woven (PVK) wear-resistant conveyor belt, low noise black PVC conveyor belt, PVC conveyor belt with patterns, etc., satisfy the customers for different industries.

Warehousing & Material Handling

We have  customizable, automated solutions to fit all stages of your process or spaces of all sizes, including inspection and testing, elevations and line egress, index and positioning, depositing and rejects, diverting and sorting, product flow and control, and merging expert customer service agents will ask the right questions in order to understand your business goals and challenges, and then our custom material handling and industrial solutions team, comprising drafters, designers and electrical and mechanical engineers, will get to work.

  • High speed conveyors
  • Merging and gapping
  • Live roller conveyors
  • Telescoping conveyors
  • Quiet weave belting
  • Splicing solutions
Warehousing & Airport

our high-quality airport belting products, you benefit at all times from our expert, solution-oriented consulting and services. Whether for baggage handling, screening and detection systems, or aircraft loading and unloading, we can provide the optimal solution for every application and process step.

Material Handling

As material handling and industrial conveyors transport products through a facility or production process, they reduce footprint by maximizing space, increase uptime, improve efficiency, enhance accuracy, lower production and labor costs as well as boost worker safety.

With an automated material handling and industrial solution from a complete line of industrial belts, With the increased accuracy of automation, you’ll improve cost efficiency and reduce waste.