Conveyor Belts

AGEBELT’s complete range of conveyor & processing belts are able to fulfil the application needs for light to medium duty conveyors. AGEBELT ensures reliability & flexibility through combining top quality raw materials. AGEBELT offers a wide range of conveyor belts to specialized processing belts.

Conveyor and processing belts are generally made of different layers, with tensile strength provided by synthetic fabric plies. These fabrics are connected with layers of thermoplastic materials in conveyor belts with multiple plies or fabric layers. The material, thickness and texture of the conveying side depend on the function of the belt.

The standard AGEBELT construction consists of polyester fabric as tension member with synthetic or elastomer coatings. AGEBELT is used successfully in industrial, commercial and service companies worldwide. The standard product range includes over 150 various conveyor belt types, over 35 top profiles upto 3000 mm width, constructions for the most diverse of application requirements.

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