Lifting tape & Spindle Tapes

AG Group is the master distributor of the latest range of ZENtex® pulling nylon-steel strap, which combines incomparable flexibility, dimensional stability with minimal elongation, exceptional wear resistance and endurance with enormous strength which permits the lifting of very heavy loads. For its high end sophisticated technological qualities, its reliability & extended life span, ZENtex® pulling nylon-steel strap is used in spinning frames, twisters, fly frames and their respective heads all over the world. Drawing on our extensive range, you can find the most suitable spindle tape for your specific application, no matter how demanding. Our polyamide and polyester spindle tapes offer a long service life and cost savings. By preventing fiber accumulation, cleaning is no longer necessary and production is uninterrupted. Moreover, we provide constant spindle speed and uniform yarn quality Quality, accuracy, reliability and indefatigable research for new solutions have always been and still are main principles and characteristics of ZENtex®


High tensile strength
Dimensional stability
Maximum flexibility
No adjustments, maintenance and lubrication
Replaces whatever chain drive
Perfectly oil, grease, acid proof
Unlimited endurance

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