Textile Printing Blanket

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AG DERCO Belting (India) Pvt. Ltd is an Indo Dutch co-operation venture between AG Group and Derco B.V. Holland – one of the largest manufacturers of conveyor belts in the world.

 AG GROUP, headquartered at Ghaziabad, a satellite industrial town in Delhi- NCR about 45Kms away from New Delhi International Airport, have its own corporate building with 25,000 sq feet office space and manufacturing sheds spread over 1,30,000 sq feet at four locations having shop Doors laid out as per advice and guidance of our overseas principals/collaborators.

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AGE printing blankets are the only Made in India PU blankets and have been developed using European technology and Raw Materials. After years of research and testing, the AGE group has come up with this unique made-in-India blanket solution for the flatbed, rotary and digital fabric printing industry. They have uniform thickness across the length, maintenance free, have negligible elongation problems and come with high-standard belt joints.


AGE TEXTILE PRINTING BLANKETS – Special thermoplastic polyurethane belt (PU)  is a breakthrough in printing blanket innovation, combining precision, high chemical and temperature resistance, and excellent compressibility to achieve optimum printing results and long service life. Dimensional stability with close thickness tolerance ensures optimal printing.



Top surface:               Polyurethane Matt

Tension member:     2-ply polyester fabric

Member:                    With thermoplastic middle layer

Under Layer:             Urethane impregnated fabric



Textile Fabric printing – Flatbed Screen Printing, Rotary Printing, Digital printing and graphic, Ceramic digital decoration printing, Digital printing in the wood industry etc 


  • Well-balanced construction for dimensional stability to cover the application needs.
  • High modulus polyester reinforcement in pre-stretched carcasses ensures excellent elongation control.
  • Highly wear-resistant top surface & lateral stability to avoid curling edges.
  • Extended control of belt uniformity with close thickness tolerance maintained across length & breadth. Smooth surface finish for a perfect printing result and easy clean feature reduces printing defects caused by deposits
  • Outstanding chemical resistance to allow the use of common solvents such as Toluene, Acetone, Alcohol, Turpentine, etc. prevent delamination.
  •  A simple continuous joint ensures consistent performance over a long period of use and the possibility of repairing the belt on the machine with simple tools saves time and thereby increases productivity.


Exceptional Belt Splicing Methods

At our state of art fabrication unit, we use the finest quality splicing machines for professional & accurate belt joints. We follow flawless splicing methods and ensure the uniform thickness is maintained throughout the joint part which plays a very important role in producing the highest print accuracy and longer belt life.