Mechanical and power transmission Products

(All Contitech, Breco, Brecoflex, Synchroflex, SWR range)

Applications :

  • Power Transmission

Timing belt drive power transmission system consists of a timing belt and at least two fixed pulleys that is used to transmit motion.


Textile machinery; Vending Machines;
Wood working machinery. Optical instruments;
Office machines; Robot; Appliances;
Medical equipment; Vacuum systems;
Packaging; Food machinery;
Machine tools; Garden equipment.
Robotics; Tobacco, steel, wood, glass industry;
  • Linear Motion

Linear motion system are consists of a stationary base and a moving carriage. Timing belt drive linear motion is most suitable for high speeds.


automatic doors; Plotter;
elevators; screen printing industry;
linear guides; automated handling devices;
logistics; robotic systems;
positioning systems; tobacco industry;
shipping lines; paper industry;
textile industry; Mail sorting machines;
  • Conveying

Industrial conveying are many kinds of directions which move materials from one place to another at a controlled rate.


glass industry; Transport systems in the food industry;
wood industry; Production lines for diapers;
marble and stone industry; Production lines for hygiene products;
Squaring machines for ceramics; Equipment for tire manufacturing;
Squaring machines for glass; Transportation and packaging industry.
chemical and pharmaceutical industry.