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Working closely with leading treadmill OEM’s worldwide, DERCO B.V. HOLLAND has developed a range of energy efficient treadmill belts giving superior performance on treadmills whether in health clubs, rehabilitation centers, hotels, home-gyms & medical centers. 

AG GROUP, Ghaziabad in collaboration with Derco BV Holland has put up state of art production unit in Greater Noida near Delhi- AG DERCO BELTING (INDIA) PRIVATE LTD. to manufacture different types of treadmill belts to service diverse technical and commercial needs of the buyers. AG Derco’s belt range with excellent anti-static properties include traditional treadmill belts as well as maintenance-free types for domestic, commercial and institutional treadmill units. AG Derco’s Conveyor belts have a significant impact on operational safety and economical use in numerous conveyors in the leisure, sports and fitness sectors.


AG Derco’s FITAGE range of advanced maintenance-free belts need no lubrication and run free of any wax-related build-ups on decks or pulleys; helping OEM’s in developing treadmills running with low and constant energy consumption. Specially developed exclusively designed whisper weave fabric ensures low noise level and excellent tracking. Made of polyester and polyester-cotton mix in 1 & 2-ply special fabric construction provide low stretch during operation and also lateral stability which guarantees that our belts stay in shape and in place on treadmills. 

 Energy efficient belts with heat resistant fabric  Less energy consumption
 Need no lubrication; maintenance free belts  Economical operations, extended working hours
 Stable belt construction & low stretch on machine  Belts stay in shape without any adjustments
 Silent running, excellent tracking with good grip  Smooth operations and long service life
 Excellent anti-static properties  Operational safety, dissipate any static charge


Measurement & Description of product: Treadmill belts come in varied sizes depending on the model of the treadmill and its specifications. If you are looking for a replacement treadmill belt contact us. You have to share the dimensional details viz. Length*Width*Thickness so that we can fabricate a customized belt suitable to fit on your machine.

Measuring the treadmill belt – still on the machine: Most treadmill belts can be pushed around whilst on the treadmill. Put a clear mark in the middle of the belt at the end you stand on. Measure 800mm or so and make another mark. Push the belt around and make another mark 800mm or so away. Keep on doing this around the belt and measure the final gap between the marks. Add them up and you have measured the outside length of the belt. The belt is under tension whilst on the treadmill. This allows it to drive and track properly. Measuring the treadmill belt – Off the machine: After removing the belt, if time permits, leave it for 10-12 hours to relax before measuring length, width, thickness. It has been under tension for some time and will have stretched. Once off the machine it tries to revert to its original length, but never quite makes it. Ideally a new belt when fitted will use one third of the total adjustment available. If there is 90mm total adjustment then a new belt will end up using 30mm. This allows enough extra length for the belt to be fitted easily, plus the tensioning, plus extra for clearance.