Polymer O-belt Conveyor Roller

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Polymer O-belt conveyor roller : A durable and efficient solution for material handling. Smoothly transport goods with this advanced roller design.

  1. The end driven, more stabilized conveying
  2. Based on 1200 series design, beautiful, quiet operation
  3. Application for light & middle duty
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Polymer O-belt Conveyor Roller is an innovative conveyor component designed for efficient material handling. Its unique polymer construction offers excellent durability and reduced friction, resulting in smoother transportation of goods. This roller ensures improved conveyor performance, making it a reliable choice for various industries seeking enhanced productivity.


  1. The O-belt pulley is located the end of the roller which separates the drive area and the conveying area avoiding interference between the O-belt and the conveyed goods.
  2. The bearing end cap consists of a precision ball bearing, a polymer housing and end cap seal. Combined they provide an attractive, smooth and quite running roller.
  3. The design of the end cap protects the bearings by providing excellent resistance to dust and splashed water.
  4. Because there is no grooving of the tube, the tube will not have any distortion and the roller will run more smoothly.
  5. Standard configuration with anti-static design surface impedance≤106Ω。
  6. Temperature range: -5℃ ~ +40℃.
  7. Applicable humidity:RH≥30%.

Please contact us if humidity out of this scope.





Steel Z/P






Remark: Φ50 rollers can be fitted with PVC sleeve (2mm) and PU sleeve (2mm).

11hex can provide tapered plastic steel shaft sleeve roller.

Polymer noiseless sleeve for shaft roller:

① Actual frame width= E+(1~3)mm,Excessive width inside the frame will damage the shaft core and roller.

② Applicable mounting hole range:11.2~11.7mm(edge to edge).